Monday, April 27, 2009

How a Rookie Learned the Power of the Social Networking

Throughout my life I’ve been a rookie. I’ve been a rookie high school student, football player, college student and a rookie at marriage. Each time there was an uncanny excitement about all of the new things that I expected to learn. It seems that there is always someone there to give me advice about how to navigate the ropes. I’ve found that keeping an open mind to new opportunities has been a key to my success.

So now I find myself once again a rookie at social networking. What a fun journey it has already been. I have found people on social networks who are jumping in to help someone who is new. It appears that thousands of people are joining these networks everyday. I admire all of the people who are sharing their wisdom to save people time, money and energy. The social networks are full of articles, blogs, business information, individual profiles and areas of special interest.

I joined Twitter and I have received immediate responses to questions that I have been pondering for months. The social networks give you an opportunity to explore what others around the world are doing and to reconnect with friends from high school and college. This week I reconnected with students that I’ve taught over the last twenty-five years on I have been so inspired that I started my own education social network at

I have my own business and joining has been an invaluable resource. When you are a rookie you look for every opportunity to get out on the field to play. Therefore, I recently started my own radio social network at It appears that people are looking for an opportunity to here from experts any time of the day. People who are in your network also get special information directly because they are your members. If you are looking for exciting news and hear what your peers are thinking than you cannot continue to wait on the sideline.

You have the flexibility to determine who you want to participate as a member of your social network web page. People all over the world will express a desire to communicate with individuals in the social network. Sometimes people offer the right encouragement at the moment that you need it. I have noticed an overwhelming amount of words of congratulations that are passed from individual to individual.

I recommend that you choose a social network that meets your specific needs. There are social networks for individuals who are interested in reconnecting, business, marketing, and personal videos. People are involved in social networks because they have decided that it will provide answers to a particular challenge they are facing. For example networks like offer a personal and business networking opportunity. I have asked questions and received an immediate response.

I’m a rookie all over again and I’m enjoying the ride. Since I am a rookie I expect to learn something new every day. Just like exercising to become fit you must participate in your social networking sites every day to establish your footing. There is a bottomless amount of information to comprehend. The social networks have inspired the next internet revolution. Get on board the social network train and enjoy the ride.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

5 Reasons to Follow Oprah on Twitter

When the media heard that Oprah had landed real estate on Twitter everyone turned their heads. Why would a person who can easily command the attention of people all over the world need to connect to Twitter. Its simple Twitter provides an easy way to immediately get the pulse of your audience.
Here are five reasons that Oprah is on Twitter and you should be too.
1. Twitter provides immediate market research
2. Millions of potential new relationships
3. Immediate feedback on the popularity of a topic
4. Oprah immediately gets an opportunity to share her thoughts
5. Twitter is a resource that can represent innovative partnership opportunity
Oprah’s seems excited to find out that Twitter is a quick global vehicle to communicate her values. It’s no surprise that Oprah would attract such attention to Twitter. She has been an American icon for the last 20 years. She has an active audience in the millions. Oprah started a magazine and it can be read all over the world. Oprah is a instant success for company recognition. Twitter is one more way that she has simply found a way to instantly create her own banding. You can count on Oprah to reinvent the nature of good Twitter content.
Oprah has demonstrated that she know how to put on a show that grabs the audience’s attention. She has already established a way to get valuable audience participation on her website. Each week she asks individual website visitors who would come to her website to suggest programs. People have visited her website by the millions and she also sends out daily announcements to her members. Oprah is always ready to be on the cutting edge of the next communication revolution and she has landed on Twitter.
Oprah makes all of us take a deep breath to see what she will do next. For the moment she has found a social network which offers unique experiences. Her method of communication is key to the new We Generation who live on the internet. Get ready for Oprah is on her way to a twit near you.

To Twitter or Not to Twitter

A few months ago I read an article about social networks and Twitter was a frequent topic. I had already joined at least five social networks. Why should I add one more? At first I tried to ignore the different articles that mentioned Twitter but then I decided to take a look to see what it’s all about.

I started out by following a few friends for a few weeks but then it made no sense so I went back to Facebook. I found that I had many friends on Facebook and Linkedin so I figured I would commit more time to find out about these powerful social networks. Each social network seems to have its own niche. It’s fun to see updated pictures and share the latest events in the participant’s lives. Some social networks help people to make business connections.

After reading a few more detailed Twitter articles, I decided to go back on the web to check it out. The light bulb went on in my head about the power of the Twitter community. I could follow people and they could follow me. I learned to share information while using 140 characters. My focus has been to provide education information to my followers and all who may be interested. There are many sincere people who list their website URL’s and reply to people who are seeking information.

Twitter has bought out my creativity. I try to share a unique quote every day. Sending out a word of encouragement plants seeds of healthy living throughout the Twitter network. You can also use Twitter Chat to reach groups of people who are rapidly communicating their thoughts. After you enter the website submits a topic that interests you to see if people are communicating their thoughts. While learning many things on Twitter you will have to be persistent but their always seems to be a benefit.

Twitter offers an opportunity for you to share your best rated websites. You can find out all kinds of information from people who are sharing their websites. The 140 characters also allows for a brief description of different URLs. Be ready to find good information when you least expect it. You will receive replies from people who are thankful that you are following them.

Twitter has a unique way of involving the We Generation. Sometimes Twitter gets over capacity because there are so many people using it at the same time. Even legislators have gotten into the act. They are sharing their opinions with their followers while they are making decisions on government policies. It is an opportunity to get instant feedback on a particular policy.

Now it is clear to me that following Twitter is worth the investment of my time. I Twitter every day two to three times a day. Rapid changes due to technology advances require people who can communicate swiftly. I have found a new network home in Twitter. You can find all of the wonderful twists and turns that make people unique. On Twitter your thoughts will become an extension of your reality.
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Thursday, March 26, 2009
Social Networks a School Fund Raising Dream
In these challenging times it is hard to believe that money is available for your school. Your school has used all of the traditional methods like candy sales, pretzel sales and pizza in a box. Having two children at home makes parents fund raising experts for twelve years or more. All of this fundraising has it place but what can a school do to take an innovative approach to fundraising. The rising tide of social networks better known as web 2.0 is bursting with alumni and others who have interest in supporting your school.

One of the best ways to have funding coming in is to identify your alumni. Where can you find them? Three websites I suggest are, and There are millions of people each day who are finding friends from their past. It is an easy place to find alumni from your school. You can set up a Facebook alumni page for your school and get students to join before they leave school. You can give out your Facebook URL at the next school sports event.

You can update your Facebook page daily with school activities and special events. Sometimes in addition to money alumni can provide resources. For example an alumnus who owns a t-shirt design company may contribute shirts for a football event. Alumni from your school could donate money from items that they sell on eBay. Could you imagine having a bunch of alumni regularly selling items to raise money for your school?

You may even find and alumni on a social network that is gaining momentum. You can accumulate a following on twitter and send them daily tweets throughout the day. You can notify them of the accomplishments of your school. Each tweet will give you 140 characters to communicate your message. Your message gets right to the point. I have learned to be real disciplined when I communicate. The social networks are another way to get out information about your school and it will save you the cost of mailing information. is another fruitful place to find alumni and organize events to support your students. There are millions of people on classmates. You can find alumni and create events that they can attend. If you find clusters of students in a state that’s next door like Pennsylvania and New Jersey schedule a meeting at your school or by way of a conference call. Today people want to stay in communication daily. On Classmates you can allow friends to join and save them as bookmarks. You can create a group where alumni can keep in touch with each other. The challenging times should inspire alumni to give more support.

Your school can create an electronic newsletter that goes out to current students and alumni. Take time each month to highlight alumni who are joining your Facebook and Classmates web pages. Your current students need to know that your graduates are doing great things. People enjoy reading about success stories. You can also notify an alumni’s company when they are doing something that benefits your school.

Your school can also use to create highlight videos of your school activities. You might be raising money for a new gymnasium or a football field. Your school can even send a visual representation of what the new building will look like when it is completed. Find ways to creatively highlight people who are contributing on Facebook and in your newsletter. Some schools have their own plaque of donors who made their new buildings possible. Why not highlight your alumni on the internet.

Using the social networks is a creative way to engage your alumni and bring more resources that benefit students. Alumni are easily reminded of the things that would have made their K12 experience better. We need every school to operate at their maximum levels to prepare them for 21st century careers.

Friday, April 17, 2009

10 Reasons to Join Twitter

Top 10 Reasons to Join Twitter

Many people have been asking me why join There are so many social networks to join. Here are my top ten

1. Expand your network of resources
2. Contact new professionals in your field
3. Ask questions to hear from the experts
4. Have fun communicating around the globe
5. People follow you for your expertise
6. Give other ideas that they had not explored
7. Get the latest research
8. Receive all of your news in one place
9. Connect with new businesses
10. Share your ideas

I have experienced all ten of these opportunities while on Twitter. I encourage you to join. When you join you can connect with me at