Saturday, May 2, 2009

How to Benefit From TweetDeck

Know that Twitter has grown on me, I am starting to learn some of the fantastic tools that work. One item that I have discovered is TweetDeck. It put your replies, direct messages and friends right in front of you all day long. It is great software that allows you to view your replies and other information that is shared. There are four features that you can use with your friends replies:

1. Direct Message Someone
2. Reply to a message
3. Retweet Someone
4. Others actions which include follow and unfollow.

TweetDeck is convenient because you can see all of your activities and immediately react to what you are reading. You can mark a person as a favorite who you want to keep track of because of the information that they share. You can pose a question on Twitter and see all of your responses in one place. Then respond to the person who left a comment.
You will also notice a menu at the top. Just click on any icon and it will tell you its function. You can send messages to Facebook, join groups or search for topics. You can send out several messages throughout the day and Retweet interesting Tweets. Another benefit is that you can shorten a URL that you want to send with a Tweet. I think it is a great place to wet your appetite for Twitter. Feel free to comment on how you have used TweetDeck.